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A round design with hexagonal base presents a striking geometric feel
* The neutral tone finish fits with existing decor
* Slender rattan legs flare outward toward the floor in dramatic fashion
* Secure items within the tray like table design
* Curved top braces on top of base lend elegant touch

* Finish: Natural
* Leveler/plastic glide: Plastic glide
* Table top edge profile: Roundover bevel

Perfect for coastal-inspired homes, this bohemian rattan accent table brings a natural texture and accent to the space. Designed with a woven rattan table top with a round over bevel edge, this vintage-inspired accent table keeps items close at hand. A base made up of six slender legs creates an open, airy look and feel. With the neutral tone rattan material, this accent table slides into your existing decor effortlessly. A lovely addition to boho-leaning interiors and global-inspired tastes.