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Financing Available for Everyone - APPLY ONLINE >>>
Financing Available - Apply ONLINE >>


Lara Furniture has partnered with several financial services companies to offer our customers a lot of great financing options.

Apply Now, choose any of the financing options to start by clicking the links, if denied, you can try the next one, it usually takes less than 5 minutes. Instant Answer


Option 1 - Acima Credit (Online Application)

You can be approved for leasable items valued at $500 to $5,000.

-   No Credit Scores

-   Easy Payment Options

Acima Credit Requirements:

  • Three months of history with your current employer or current source of income.
  • US government-issued photo ID and SS# or ITIN#.
  • Deposits totaling at least $1,000 per month into a checking account that has been open for 90 days or more.
  • No NSFs, excessive overdrafts, or negative balances on your current checking account.

How much will this cost me?
The cost to acquire ownership depends on whether or not you exercise one of the early buyout options.

  • The 90-Day Option will cost you the initial payment.
  • The Early Buyout Option allows you to pay a discounted portion (usually 75% of the remaining payments owed) in one lump sum at any time after the first 90 days of the agreement.
  • If you choose to pay off the lease over the 12-month lease term you will pay approximately two times the invoice amount.

$50 initial payment

Once you complete the Acima Credit Online Application, you will get an answer instantly.


Option 2 – American First Finance (Online Application)


You are invited to apply for our Lease to Own program

$29 Initial Payment
Approvals up to $5,000
*Affordable payment plans set to match a customer’s pay dates.
101-day Early Buyout Option Included


Minimum Requirements

  • At least 18 years old.

  • Have Photo ID, & a SSN or ITIN.

  • Have a Bank Account & Debit Card.

  • Make $800 in net minimum monthly income.



Option 3 - Snap Finance (Online Application)

Bad credit. No credit. Bankruptcy. Snap is your No Credit Needed financing partner! Has your credit score taken a hit? Have you been denied traditional financing? Or maybe you don't have any credit history, good or bad? Don't worry, you're not alone! Getting financing can be difficult. Snap is here to help.

Approvals up to $5,000

Snap Leasing Requirements:

  • 3 Months of history with current employer or current source of income.
  • Deposit at least $1000 per month into a checking account that has been open for 90 days or more.
  • No NSFs, excessive overdrafts, or negative balances on your current checking account within the past 30 days.
  • Must be 18 years or older to apply and must have a valid SSN or ITIN.

$39 processing fee at time of purchase (Credit or Debit Card).

Snap Finance will setup an auto draft for 12 months. However, if you want to pay it off in 100 days same as cash.

Once you complete the Snap Finance Online Application, you will get an answer instantly.



Option 4 – Koalafi (Online Application)

- High approval rates

- Approval up to $7500

- 90 days No Interest payment options

- $49 Processing Fee

Don’t let credit issues stop you from buying what you want. With Koalafi’s high-tech, innovative decisioning and 82% approval rate, there’s a good chance you’ll be instantly approved for financing, even if your credit score is low.

Once you complete the Koalafi Online Application, you will get an answer instantly.



Option 5 – Progressive Leasing (Online Application)



As easy as 1-2-3. No credit needed.*

A three-digit number doesn’t tell your story. That’s why every Progressive Leasing approval is NO CREDIT NEEDED.

*Progressive Leasing obtains information from credit bureaus. Not all applicants are approved

 Convenient, automatic payment options: Get paid weekly, every other week, or monthly? Easy payment options and automatic withdrawals accommodate your payday schedule.

 To apply you will need:

  • Social security number or ITIN
  • Bank account details: Checking account & routing number
  • Credit or debit card
  • Government issued photo ID
  • To be 18 years or older

 Once approved, go shopping at your favorite stores

Take your merchandise home same day or arrange for delivery

Simple, automatic payments. Schedule your payment around your paydays


The standard lease-to-own agreement offers 12 months to ownership and could cost more than double the cash price

Initial payment:

The initial payment is the first lease-to-own payment and is part of the 12-month lease-to-own total cost

Early purchase options: 

In addition to acquiring ownership by making all scheduled payments, you may exercise one of Progressive’s early purchase options, as described in the Lease. 

Customers are automatically enrolled in the standard Lease agreement that auto-renews for up to 12 months. 

You can follow the steps required to set up or exercise either the 90-day purchase option or other early purchase options –call Progressive at 877-898- 1970 or visit the website,

90-Day Purchase Option: Standard agreement offers 12 months to ownership. 90-day purchase options cost more than the retailer’s cash price (except 3-month option in CA). To purchase early call 877-898-1970.